I needed to get my head out of dirty nappies and nursery rhymes and this was my fix! The coffee was fab, but Jen was an amazing coach. She has an infectious personality and it really makes you want to learn. I took a lot out of every session and loved how Jen outlined the practical components required to set up a business and brought real life examples with each topic we explored. Such a relaxed atmosphere and it has been great making new friends/connections and like minded people through out the course. The nannies on site to look after your wee ones are fantastic and I wish there was a SCG 2.0 course to now attend! Thoroughly recommended! A great investment of my time 


If you’re a mum who uses coffee groups as an excuse to get out of the house and socialise, then you know how amazing it is when you meet other like minded mums that vibe with you. The Secret Coffee Group is the *beeeest* – its a really nice laid back and inviting environment where all these bad ass mums talk about bad ass businesses in a structured and meaningful way. Anyone at whatever stage they’re at can take something away from these sessions, whether it’s learning how to conduct business or making connections with other business owners. Perfect way to meet awesome people, and not to mention Jen’s a good time, makes great coffee and really looks after you (and your kid/s). Win-win-win!


Jen’s vivacious energy and enthusiasm pervade the course. That, and her wide-ranging knowledge on all things business, plus the move-at-your-own-pace flexible design, make the SCG course a must-do for mums for whom sitting round in cafes and living rooms drinking coffee and talking about the kids has little to no appeal; for mums who want to start or continue chasing their dream life, on their own terms.


Firstly, the optimism and enthusiasm in the class, it really gave me encouragement and made me feel like anything was achievable. Also learning about a new topic, particularly anything social media related. And also getting some “me” time even though Maya was right there, it was nice just to concentrate on myself for a change and feel like I was actively doing something to better myself as an individual.


I am still buzzing over our meeting yesterday. What a humbling experience.I thanked God for blessing me with someone like you. I’ve been longing for someone to sit down with me to tell me what I needed rather than what I wanted with this venture. 

I spent this morning getting me some stationery and folders to put all this valuable information in. My husband couldn’t believe his ears when I told him everything and it was just as emotional for him to hear that I’m finally getting the help that I have been desperately needing for a long time now. Let’s this party started shall we.

I’ve got my homework list noted down so I’ll throw you some questions if they pop up. Thank you again Jen. Already looking forward to our next meeting.

Business details coming soon!


Thanks Jen! Today’s session was great. I definitely want to do the full 8 weeks!

Business details coming soon!


I will definitely be continuing! You helped me refine my idea so fast! And thanks for the nice coffee too. I get horrors it’s going to be instant when people ask if you want coffee!

Business link coming soon!


Hi Jen! Thanks for today… you’re going to change a lot of mom’s lives.

It was such an inspiring morning! I have not been able to stop brainstorming since – can’t wait for next week!

Sirinya – Founder of Little Hope & Co

As a first time mother, I was struggling to redefine what my priorities were and I was questioning my ability to become self-employed until I started talking to Jen. She was extremely inspirational and helped me to figure out what has changed in my life and the priorities that were most important to me after becoming a mother. I loved that Jen was able to give me the information I needed and was aware that she was there for support when I needed but she never pushed me into anything. It was so great to have someone so knowledgeable for support and until this day, Jen is still recommending us books to read to help increase our knowledge! We now have two businesses and all thanks to Jen motivating us. So if you need someone who could help you start up a business, we would not hesitate to recommend Jen.