Our Story


My name is Jen, and I run The Secret Coffee Group, a unique small business course, community and support system for mums in business, or hoping to be. I did not expect to become a mother. On New Years Day 2015, I did my good old routine pregnancy test so that I could set my goals for the year, and I was met with two lines.

I was met with the enormous challenge of becoming a mum. It frightened the hell out of me. Looking back, it was quite funny really that my first thought was ‘what about my career? Surely it’s over!’

But it was not. I loved my job, and kept going. I met many inspirational women, and friends for life. I was the one at playgroup getting the mums over to complete my ‘Values Test’.

Face palm. It was at one of these playgroups that a mother said to me ‘you should do this for a living.’

Two and half years later, I’ve had adequate time to reflect on this learning curve. It turned out that having a child enhanced my career, and even inspired me to be a better leader, mentor and entrepreneur.

And so I give you The Secret Coffee Group. Our mission really is simple; to inspire, encourage and support one another through that wild biz ride. After all, it really does take a village to raise a business.

I hope that you can join us, feel inspired, and empowered by other ambitious women to create a career that excites you, whilst all living the journey together.

I hope to meet you soon…

Jen xx


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