SCG Membership

It takes a village to raise a business, so become an SCG Member and thrive in the presence of other business mums.


So what’s included in SCG Membership?


Unlimited Access to Masterminds.

Masterminds will comprise of 5 other Mums, Jen, an onsite nanny, and the usual suspect – coffee. Each member is able to present – this may be for feedback, a question, to ignite a discussion, or ask for advice – anything! The Masterminds typically last 2 hours, and you can book in for these via the booking system within the Secret Site. We currently have 3 running per month at various times on different days.


Monthly Motivation.

You’ll receive an awesome monthly e-newsletter, detailing all the stuff SCG Mums have been up to, as well as informative articles and tips to keep you motivated and on track. Members are also able to contribute to this sharing their own stories and content with the community.


Access to The SCG Secret Site.

Book Masterminds and mentoring, browse the SCG directory and make use of our  resources; including our secret nannies, just in case you need some serious admin time at home. The Secret Site is accessed via secure login and acts as the booking hub and info platform for SCG Membership.


Access to our SCG Members Facebook Group.

Ask questions, make connections and laugh at relevant memes! Take advantage of a Facebook Group where the members are all on the same page, with the same time management frustrations and the same 1.00am breastfeeding epiphany posts. Also gain comfort that everyone in the group has signed a Non-Disclosure.


Epic discounts.

Enjoy 50% off mentoring, events, Masterclasses and more as well as constant first dibs. You’re welcome!


Safety Extreme.

Everyone who becomes a member signs a non-disclosure, and accepts the SCG Terms & Conditions, meaning that you and your ideas are safe. Trust and encouragement are what makes this community tick.


1 x Private Mentoring Session (1 hour +)

Keep yourself on track with a mentoring session. Remember, we can cover anything in this time, whether it’s creating a detailed and productive budget, or coming up with a sensational marketing plan. The choice is yours!


So what are my options?




Gain access for the whole year, with one payment of $364. Each member who pays annually receives a bonus one on one (worth $160) as a ‘thank you’ for their commitment to the SCG Community. Annual payments help us forecast for more awesome events and allow us to re-invest confidently towards the SCG Membership.




As you know, one of the five pillars of The SCG is flexibility, so monthly payments are another way of securing your membership. You are obliged to pay the monthly payment plan with 12 instalments of $30.34 per annum, but the door is always open should you for any reason be dissatisfied with the service you’re receiving or are no longer able to commit. By accepting the monthly payment plan, you agree to express your concerns BEFORE holding your payment, and removing yourself from membership. As before, this allows us to keep on track with the budget and make sure the members get the best experience possible.



Fill in the form below to become a member. Once your form has been submitted, Jen will be in contact within 48 hours to secure your membership.



 *Terms and Conditions: The Secret Coffee Group Ltd

By accepting our terms and conditions in the community contact form, you agree at your first Mastermind to sign a non-disclosure / take it away to review with a legal advisor. Access to the community will not take place until this document has been signed, to protect the confidentiality of all mothers within the group, and their businesses.