5 Business Lessons To Learn From Queen

A few weeks ago, Andrew and I seemed to both have the day off (shocker). We decided it was the perfect opportunity to see Bohemian Rhapsody, a biopic surrounding the success of the popular British band, Queen. Andrew is a DIE HARD fan, with Freddie Mercury being one of his key idols when it comes to inspiration. We’d heard a couple of negative tales regarding the movie, but ignored them, and excitedly bought our tickets. We literally blubbed through two hours of cinema, and were both affected by the story, the actors and the music when we left.

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Why do I feel so connected yet so disconnected to the events of the past week? Grace is on my mind abundantly. Maybe it’s the motherland connection, also the case for my younger sister and two beautiful best friends here in New Zealand – we all travelled here in our early 20’s from the UK. Maybe it’s the smiling, unsuspecting final photo. Maybe it’s the ‘unsafe’ feeling that I have felt so many times before. Maybe it’s that I am raising a son, and the familiar heavy pressure of ‘being a good parent’ has just increased ten-fold. I find myself desperately wanting to avoid social media, yet hanging off it’s every word, waiting for answers. How, as business owners, can we avoid something as powerful and relevant as social media?

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7 Lessons in Business to Teach your Children

They are the future, and after all the solids they’ve done us (insert laugh here) I think it’s time we returned the favour. Business teaches us so many crazy things, makes us think outside the box, unleashing new levels of our personality we never knew existed. Over the last 10 years (bloody hell) teaching children of all ages, I’m taking my pedagogy to a new level: 7 Lessons in Business to Teach Your Children.

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[It takes a village to raise a business]

It’s just another normal night. In the fringe suburbs of Auckland there is a mother tapping at her laptop, seamlessly avoiding the crumbs scattered amongst the letters from her toddler’s Peppa Pig YouTube binge earlier that afternoon. To the naked eye, she is a stay at home mum (#SAHM) but to the trained eye, she is a committed, passionate Entrepreneur.

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[ How to Keep Your Idea Safe ]

This article was inspired by the mothers of my Tuesday SCG Group. How do you keep your idea safe from others? Despite getting several beautiful emails a week from mothers sharing their story and showing genuine interest in my classes, I also get emails from people regarding my business structure. Yes, imitation is the greatest form of flattery, however, business owners have worked hard to get that idea off the ground, and in some cases have the true and personal belief behind them that make them the ideal ‘cosmic owner’ of the idea.

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[ Taking the Leap ]

There are certain pivotal moments in your life. Moments which change the course of the journey. Sometimes you don’t know that they are, and it’s only when you look back on them that you realise. Others require careful decision making, and you know they’ve been coming for some time.

When reading Sheryl Sandberg’s book ‘Lean In’ , there was particular moment that stood out to me. Similarly to Sheryl, I’d always organised everyone else’s ‘play.’ I even organised genuine events of play. I was bullied at school, yet this did not impact my natural ability to lead and teach. These moments where I chose to lead, seem to be pivotal moments; it was scary, yet I took the LEAP. Continue reading “[ Taking the Leap ]”

The Legend of The Buzzy Bee


Buzzy Bee. An iconic pull along toy here in New Zealand. Ironically, I didn’t buy my son’s Buzzy, but found it happily smiling on a pavement. Coincidence? I think not! Sterling (my son) adores this toy. As he’s grown, he’s been increasing the speed at which he can pull his striped friend, and the sound of it’s wings rage through the house like a pre-school rendition of Mad Max. Continue reading “The Legend of The Buzzy Bee”

5 Top cafes to Sit & Work

When I first came to New Zealand, one of the first things I noticed was the shift from ‘Pub Culture’ to ‘Cafe Culture.’ Auckland; you do not deliver on smooth traffic but you do deliver on great cafes. Thanks to this shift, I would say I’m probably addicted to coffee. Ok, I’m addicted to coffee. When I’m not hugging my trusty Nespresso machine after one of ‘those long nights’ (yes mums, I know you can relate), I’m probably getting my fix at one of these spots. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery. Continue reading “5 Top cafes to Sit & Work”

Jen’s ‘Must Read’ List

I know what you’re thinking. Who the hell has time to read these days?!

Fair point. It’s exactly how I felt any time someone suggested a book to me. That was until I discovered Audio Books, or as my Mum calls them, Talking Books. I even used to think my Mum was slightly lazy for making the decision to listen to a book over reading one. After all, to a 7 year old, reading is a much more coveted skill over listening… Continue reading “Jen’s ‘Must Read’ List”