5 Business Lessons To Learn From Queen

A few weeks ago, Andrew and I seemed to both have the day off (shocker). We decided it was the perfect opportunity to see Bohemian Rhapsody, a biopic surrounding the success of the popular British band, Queen. Andrew is a DIE HARD fan, with Freddie Mercury being one of his key idols when it comes to inspiration. We’d heard a couple of negative tales regarding the movie, but ignored them, and excitedly bought our tickets. We literally blubbed through two hours of cinema, and were both affected by the story, the actors and the music when we left.

From a business perspective, specifically start up, we can learn a lot. Often in music we see strong brands that identify with listeners, and Queen sung ‘branding’ octaves higher than anyone else. So here it is; 5 Business Lesson’s we can learn from Queen.

1.Be transparent

Despite the often bullying nature of the media, Queen were transparent and honest regarding their motives, specifically regarding their brand and what they were hoping to achieve within the industry. Through a metamorphosis of identities and looks, they were always able to achieve a strong, relatable sense regarding who they were.

2. Create a stir

The best companies with the most distinct messages are often ‘industry changers.’ For example, Apple, changing the music industry through iTunes, and Air BnB, hosting the largest accomodation service without owning any property. Queen dared to be different, and set a benchmark for live music, audience participation and blending genres.

3. Be creative

Through their inquisitive and inclusive style, Queen chose their favourite aspects of anything from opera to disco, and turned it in to their own product. The SCG is a blend of all I’ve learned in business, with what I feel are the most relevant and valuable aspects brought forward, and blended in a new recipe.

4. Ignore the haters

They got a lot of flack, and ignored it all, never letting difficult criticisms divert them from what they were trying to achieve. As you know, I’m an advocate for audience suggestions and support (there are so many companies out there built entirely on the views of their market) but in instances of negativity, a lot in this case internal, Queen stood true to their cause.

5. Trust your gut

They trusted each other and their goals, and had to put their foot down a few times to get what they wanted. *(SPOILER)* Freddie, despite being diverted a little within the film *(SPOILER)* eventually sees sense, and know when he has a great leadership team, and when he hasn’t. These were some of my favourite moments in the movie – you all know I love an underdog story.




You can be inspired by anything in life, and have it adapt whatever you’re doing as you gain new information. I’m so often inspired by the journey of others, particularly creatives. Also, it often feels good to get out of the office, bathe in pop culture and eat popcorn.

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