EYES ON THE PRIZE: How to smash it.

How often do you question what you’re doing? Is there a pattern? Do you become less passionate when things start to get difficult? Or when things get slow?

Action plans are a pretty good way to go. List possible scenarios and challenges you face, with the intent to activate the action plan in said scenario. Want to hear some of mine? Here we go…

Scenario 1

I’m getting stuck IN the business.


For anyone that I mentor, this plan is going to be fairly familiar! Create your dream team, on paper. I normally do this in a family tree format, with little job descriptions beneath each position. Each position you raise the funds to recruit for, you take a step further away from being IN the business. This is a unique way of tangible goal setting, with the goals being the people. As mothers, we may seek the lifestyle that allows to look over what is happening and advise as opposed to being on the ground. I’m definitely a bit of a control freak, so this is pretty tough for me, but this exercise reminds me that there are other people out there to take on tasks, and probably do a better job than me!

Scenario 2

I’m not getting the sales I hoped for.


Yup, for sure, you could lie awake at night and think ‘What went wrong? The marketing plan was fierce. What am I doing wrong?’, but realistically, too much reflection and a need for an answer can get you down. The reality is that sometimes the sales just don’t happen. Now, are you going to sit there and worry, or transfer that energy in to kicking ass? This is very much a pep talk scenario for me, and the only person that can effectively deliver that pep talk is yourself. I’ll allow myself a one hour rant/sulk (just to cleanse the system!), a one hour brainstorm, and the rest is action action action.

Scenario 3

Life just keeps getting in the way.


It always will; juggling is one of the mad skills we’ve been gifted as women. Prioritising tasks and time allocation helps me heaps in this situation. I always prioritise health first. If health and wellbeing don’t come first, you’ll be pretty useless in most situations anyway. Stress is the number one trigger for 80% of health issues – I read that in a magazine once, and it has stuck with me. Do you watch people in your life stress and stress and stress and then look completely exhausted afterwards? Not having the time to work on your business due to family dramas, a turn in the tides, or health related problems; your wellbeing must come first. And to stop that yearning to keep the business growing and give it the time it needs? Well, you may just need to accept that it’s not a ‘NEVER’ it’s just a ‘Not right now.’

Scenario 4

There’s too much to keep on top of.


Business is booming (cool) but your mind is mash potato. There are solutions, but the hardest part with this one is recognising that you’re overwhelmed. It actually tends to take someone else in my life to say ‘Jen, how are you managing all this?’ for me to realise I’m not. There’s no shame in admitting the load is too high. If funds are in abundance, it’s worth using them to fund a VA or administrator. If you’re thinking ‘I could just do it myself and have more money’ please re-read the above scenario regarding health. If funds are low and you’re amidst start up era, then I always recommend referring back to the quadrant time management list from The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People. It’s my absolute go to.

Scenario 5

I’ve had a negative experience or set back within the business.


Thick skin or not, your first one can be tough. Verbalising all the things that are great about you and your business sounds corny as hell, but it works. If you’re not comfortable saying it all to your tired mum face in the mirror, say it to your partner/close friend. This tip works even better with wine. Following said rant – move on. Bad day doesn’t mean bad life – you’ve got this.

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