7 Lessons in Business to Teach your Children

They are the future, and after all the solids they’ve done us (insert laugh here) I think it’s time we returned the favour. Business teaches us so many crazy things, makes us think outside the box, unleashing new levels of our personality we never knew existed. Over the last 10 years (bloody hell) teaching children of all ages, I’m taking my pedagogy to a new level: 7 Lessons in Business to Teach Your Children.

1. Back Yourself.

Confidence is very important in business. You need to have the self-belief and drive to achieve your goals. Words like ‘can’t’ can encourage negative autosuggestion. Positive self-talk is a motivating key factor for living a happy lifestyle, being a great CEO and a great human.

2. Treat others how you wish to be treated.


Too often forgotten in the workplace these days is the issue of mutual respect. Look after your team, and treat them with the respect they deserve for putting their all in to your company. Be compassionate, kind and empathetic. Your child will absolutely notice your habits in the ways you treat others.

3. Make decisions which benefit everyone involved.

Thanks Napoleon Hill for this one. Not only does this encourage you to make a good decision, but this suggestion can be very helpful when making a difficult one too. Considering all parties in the decision making process will help our children understand the importance of empathy. Generating a positive energy around yourself and others in tough times can make many worrying business (and life!) decisions a breeze.

4. Be different.

Own your differences. They could end up being the most memorable quality about you! I can honestly say that my points of difference, that bullies chose to ridicule throughout my school years have got me where I am today! Try not to encourage your child to blend in, but instead embrace their individual gifts and quirks.

5. Do good.

As parents, it’s our job to contribute to this world not for ourselves, but those walking upon it after we are gone. Encourage your children to leave their mark, and make the lives of others better. This outlook creates the most inspirational businesses, and children…

6. Ask questions.

Inquisitive is good. Annoying, but good! Got a child at home that always says ‘Why?” GREAT. The information they acquire from that skill will keep them learning and learning. In biz, we can spend so much time pondering over the possibilities of information, when we should just ask. Don’t ask, don’t get! Let all children know it’s ok to ask ‘why.’

7. Reflect.

Give your child time to process information too. Without a little self-reflection, we can continue to make the same mistakes in business and become oblivious to common problems and solutions. Reflection is what helps us develop as humans, and that doesn’t come from people telling us we should or should not be a certain way, but us reflecting on that ourselves.

Thanks for reading!


Jen xx

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