Business is booming? Not spending enough time with family? Behind on all those Netflix shows everyone’s talking about? Check out these Quick-Fire Questions to see if it’s time to outsource and recruit for your small business…

As Mothers, it seems natural that we would invest in others to help us with the day to day running of our business. For some, that’s easier said than done. For all you control freaks out there (you know who you are), here are some Quick-Fire questions to ask yourself when considering outsourcing and recruitment…

Do I enjoy that aspect of the business?

Being a business owner is about doing what you love. Those that get bogged down in a business model that actually doesn’t suit their lifestyle and interests, generally give up. Whilst this is sad and as mums we want to do everything, this is the reality. Happy mum, happy child.

Do you have time for the tasks?

You know that thing that never seems to get done on the ‘To Do List’? Or the long, mundane task that just never seems worth it? Yeah, well they can be outsourced. Your time is precious, so remember to invest it in what you love. Refer back to Pareto’s Law and the 80/20 Principle to gain perspective; CLICK HERE to read more.

Do you have enough income to pay your employee/contractor, or will you need to invest in them at first?

Make sure your forecast allows for the change of supporting another person. Maybe you need to cut costs elsewhere to fund their position? The best way to onboard someone is to have them fund their own position, by generating incoming every day on the job, but at first, this may require investment in them from your company to get going.

Are you skilled at the task at hand, or is it something you want to take the time to learn?

If you’ve always wanted to crack that aspect of the business, keep going! Learning is part of being an entrepreneur; no one is an expert. With so many accessible resources these days, you can learn most aspects of running a small business in New Zealand, but time is money, so ask yourself, even if I’d like to learn about it, can someone else do it better? 

How income efficient is the task?

Outsourcing and recruiting can seriously up the game when it comes to revenue. Say 70% of your conversions come form social media, yet you’re busy having quality family time to gain exposure via online networking to increase your client base. Imagine if you had two extra people running this for you? How much would your conversions increase?

Stayed tuned for another article coming your way this month in regards to hiring your first person… (Yeeehaa!)

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