How to Build (and Keep!) Your Email Empire

So many businesses get it wrong, and so many people complain. Here’s what you need to know about running a successful Mailing List (if any) in 2018 and beyond…

What is with all the raping and pillaging of email accounts? I think my favourite scenario is that I was recently sent an email telling me how to systemise my email account, and de-clutter my business. Which I have received a whopping 8 times. Irony at it’s best.

The 5 easy steps below detail the musts of running a successful Mailing List.

1. Invest in a decent mailing/CRM system.

CRM systems allow you to send bulk emails with customised messages, contact details, content and more, in bulk, whilst still maintaining a personal touch. Well… as personal as you can get via email. Mail Chimp can be synchronised with most websites and data lists, where as some website platforms such as WordPress (my bae) offer CRM Plug Ins such as This also eliminates the awkward lack of BCC.

2. Provide an easy out.

Make sure an UNSUBSCRIBE button sits beautifully at the footer of your email content. This can redirect to a page where they can see what they’ll miss out on when they do unsubscribe, but provides an easy out. You can also request on this page that they let you know WHY they are unsubscribing, valuable data for your overall marketing plan.

3. Request consent.

Don’t be the Harvey Weinstein of email communication. Make sure that each and every person who provides their email address is asked if they’d like to receive your mail. If people are opting out, ask yourself ‘why?’ Is my content important and intriguing enough to my client? If it is, then is it showcased enough in the consent process for customers to click ‘YES?’

4. Provide valuable content.

This may seem like common sense, but it turns out common sense ain’t that common. Your marketing material is for your audience, not for you. Be certain on the value they gain from your emails, and make this clearly stated in the subject line. When customers ‘star’, VIP or look forward to your regular emails, you’ve cracked it.

5. Triple check for typos.

What’s worse than sending a typo riddled email to a client? Sending a typo riddled email to 5000 clients. Triple check whatever you’re sending out. A wrong date for an event, or a false price tag could cause damaging holes in revenue. If you need to scaremonger yourself in to this habit, please Google ‘Biggest Typo Fails Ever.’

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