Mums in Business // Sirinya @ Little Hope & Co

If you are pregnant, or have a young baby, you’ve probably already heard of this product. Sirinya and her cocoons have taken NZ by storm, with their unique and innovative recipe of kind and sustainable ingredients.

Welcome Sirinya to The Secret Coffee Group! Tell us about you…

My name is Sirinya. I am 29 years old married with one beautiful girl and another one on the way! Moved to New Zealand from Thailand in 2000 and have been nursing until I had my first baby and she changed our whole world – in such a great way.


What finally gave you the inspiration to set up your own business?

I originally wanted to go back to nursing as soon as possible but once I gave birth, I had a bit of identity crisis not knowing what really changed within me. Then I met Jen and did a value test that really made me think differently about what priorities are now and what I will do about it. What’s been the shining moment so far?
Being able to help other parents- the feedbacks I get, they inspire me and grow the business. I have had mothers who said I have helped them with their Antenatal/Postnatal depression whether it’s just through talking, my blog or my product and of course mothers who absolutely love travelling with our cocoons.

How are you finding it balancing home life, children and your new mini empire?

It is not easy at times but being able to be more flexible has helped with spending time with my daughter. There are pros and cons, some days my brain just won’t stop going and I can’t sleep but hubby has been really supportive which helps a lot.


What’s been the biggest challenge thus far?

Being pregnant while running the business! Brain is sometimes a bit more active than my body can handle haha.

What’s next?

Getting our products out there, continuing to provide information of why we choose the resources we did. We also have some new products coming VERY SOON. So excited! We want to continue growing and evolving with ourselves and our customers.

If you could give advice to a mum starting a business what would it be?

Believe in what you do and believe in yourself because there will be many times where your beliefs are tested and questioned. I still struggle with this at times but know why you choose to do what you do.


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