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I was lucky enough last week to meet Anna of Press Play Productions. Her emotional connection to her business really showcased The Mumtrepreneur in it’s natural habitat, and I left our meeting feeling inspired. Ladies… Meet Anna!

Welcome Anna to The Secret Coffee Group! Tell us mums about you.

I am a wife and a mum of two gorgeous little boys, Hunter and Toby. And I am a new business owner. Press Play is all about creating meaningful content from home videos. It is predominantly a user generated content production company but can cater with videography as well. I can help families with time capsule videos, couples with an affordable wedding video and small businesses with content for websites or social media platforms. 


What finally gave you the inspiration to set up your own business?

 I created a video invitation for Hunter’s 3rd birthday party – I felt the best way to present him was via video, we have so much fantastic footage of our boys, and Hunter is a real character. It appeared to me that there may be an opportunity here, I needed to explore this more.

 Toby was still up in the night when I decided on the concept and offering, I felt like I couldn’t not do it. If I get an idea, I will think about it all the time. I’d come to bed after feeding Toby and tell my husband,’ I know my tagline’, ‘I know what I’m going to call it’.

 After more thought, research and discussing the idea with friends and family it just felt like everything was pointing to it, it just made sense – I had to just go for it.  It felt like all of my professional experience lead me to this, it was like “of course, this is the perfect next step for me”.



What’s been the shining moment so far?

 The buzz that I get from the family videos is really special – seeing those videos of when a little one is born, the ‘first time’ moments; it is all so humbling. Working on one of the early family ‘Time Capsule’ videos and discovering that this is a real opportunity and I’m creating something really special for that family. And knowing the kids will enjoy them too!


How are you finding it balancing home life, children and your new mini empire?

 It is a tug of war emotionally sometimes. It’s the most vulnerable I’ve felt in terms of putting myself out there, this is a creative process after all – which can be a bit daunting sometimes. I started without my youngest in childcare and found it hard with my attention divided. Now we have Toby in a wonderful daycare I feel like I’m a better mum and business owner. The balance was hard in the beginning. You do need help – to share the load, to achieve you goals and dreams. I’m lucky that Matt, my husband, is a great dad and a great support. There is no line at home as to who does what. This makes a huge difference!


What’s been the biggest challenge thus far?

 For me, it’s that my offering is new and unique, and that with marketing my business, a simple quarter page ad in a magazine won’t work. I need to talk about what I do. Just getting the word out there that this is available, and deciding how best to do that has been quite difficult.  The family videos that I create are so personal, so my portfolio of projects is not always something that can be shared. But I believe in this offering so much, I know that families will love it so I just need to plan a little better and put some time and energy into appropriate and effective marketing.  I am excited about this.


What’s next for Press Play NZ?

 As I said previously, marketing my business effectively and getting my offering out there  – I want to be recognized as a reliable and quality service provider in terms of video content, and for parents to see that this is an investment in your families precious memories.


If you could give advice to a mum starting a business what would it be?

 Not to steal another well known tagline, but really – just do it. And mistakes are ok!  Also, do the research and leg work before launching your business, get some interest and intrigue about your offering via your social media platforms before launching, get people excited about your business before it’s up and running.

Check Anna out NOW via the links below. I can highly recommend hanging out with her too – she’s awesome!









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  1. Thank you Jen! It was such a pleasure meeting you and having a chat in the sun about what we do. Thank you for this amazing opportunity, look forward to reading about more inspiring women in business.

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