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Mums in Business // Erica @ De La Vie

This week we chatted to the inspirational Erica, who has finally taken the leap and started a business – yay Erica! Erica provides stunning high quality prints to her clients via her website; you should absolutely check them out!

Erica and Ayla

Welcome Erica to The Secret Coffee Group! Tell us mums about you.

 I moved to Auckland a few years ago to start studying, and got pregnant in my final year of university – unexpectedly! I’m 22, and my little girl Ayla is now 2.5 months old. My definition of me has changed and is constantly changing, but I am really enjoying the journey of motherhood so far.


What finally gave you the inspiration to set up your own business?

 Being confronted with a rapidly diminishing maternity leave and knowing that I wanted the flexibility of working with my little one, rather than having to work fulltime and put Ayla in daycare. I couldn’t bear the idea of being away from her for so many hours during the week and I wanted that control to spend time with my daughter.


What’s been the shining moment so far?

 Having a customer tell me their recipient cried when they revealed the print. I really strive to make a difference in people’s lives as a general part of my philosophy and to know that my work can mean that much to someone is so rewarding. I’d tried to start other businesses in the past, but to receive a response like that after just a few days of finally making the decision to commit and see this one through has been such an incredible feeling.


How are you finding it balancing home life, children and your new mini empire?

 It’s been really good! My partner’s great, he comes home and plays with her when he finishes work. Ayla has somehow managed to have a great sleep routine where she naps in the day and sleeps through the night, which has allowed me to get more done than expected.


What’s been the biggest challenge thus far?

 I think just managing time and having constructive time in the day based around her naps. Time management and down time versus work time requires a lot more discipline than I anticipated!


What’s next for De La Vie?

 Immediately it’s creating more prints to build a larger product offering, and then focusing on a marketing plan and online presence in the new year.


If you could give advice to a mum starting a business what would it be?

 It sounds cliché, but probably just going with your gut and DOING IT. Also coming from a renowned perfectionist, I can assure you that it doesn’t have to be all perfect straight away. Your vision can change as you progress.

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