[ Taking the Leap ]

There are certain pivotal moments in your life. Moments which change the course of the journey. Sometimes you don’t know that they are, and it’s only when you look back on them that you realise. Others require careful decision making, and you know they’ve been coming for some time.

When reading Sheryl Sandberg’s book ‘Lean In’ , there was particular moment that stood out to me. Similarly to Sheryl, I’d always organised everyone else’s ‘play.’ I even organised genuine events of play. I was bullied at school, yet this did not impact my natural ability to lead and teach. These moments where I chose to lead, seem to be pivotal moments; it was scary, yet I took the LEAP.

Jen’s Pivotal Moments:

  • jen younAt school, we were required to get Work Experience as part of my Performing Arts A Level. Aiming high, Idecided to email the Birmingham Royal Ballet. My bravery resulted in a week long internship to the shock of my teachers.
  • Leaving university set off a chain of events like you can’t imagine! It also gave me the mindset that ‘zagging’ and being different was actually pretty powerful, and that education does not count for everything, and that learning comes to us in a variety of forms, academically being only one of them.
  • Moving to New Zealand when I was 20 was a pretty sobering ordeal. From rural wales to the hustle and bustle of AKL made things interesting for my state of mind. I got my first job in New Zealand by just turning up and asking for one, which ultimately resulted in my current reputation as a ‘not your average Arts Teacher’ in Auckland.
  • Applying for Marrzipan. This one’s a biggy; I really felt the job was above me (sorry Sheryl – read the book guys), and was completely astonished when I got it. This position was basically I giant journey of self-discovery and realisation of my potential. I gained SO MUCH from this position, and learnt on the job in a high responsibility environment. Visit the Marrzipan website.
  • The decision to become a mother, was one that I felt was already made for me by my subconscious (insert spooky music here). As many of you already know, the scrumptious little being that is my son was not planned or expected in any form, but my decision to NIKE (just do it..) changed the course of my life in the most significant of ways. Becoming a mother has not only changed the way I look at business, but at people, relationships, day to day life, and above all MYSELF.

Please note that there are much ‘sadder’ pivotal moments than these, that have shaped the person I am today, but that’s another post, for another time…

Take the Leap – you never know, it could be one of YOUR pivotal moments.

Jen xx


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