5 Top cafes to Sit & Work

When I first came to New Zealand, one of the first things I noticed was the shift from ‘Pub Culture’ to ‘Cafe Culture.’ Auckland; you do not deliver on smooth traffic but you do deliver on great cafes. Thanks to this shift, I would say I’m probably addicted to coffee. Ok, I’m addicted to coffee. When I’m not hugging my trusty Nespresso machine after one of ‘those long nights’ (yes mums, I know you can relate), I’m probably getting my fix at one of these spots. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery.

These are the cafes that have made my Top 5. They have been selected carefully, from a plethora of options, but this handful made the list based on great coffee (duh), nice chairs, comfort, service and ambience.

  1. Odettes

FullSizeRender 6

I’ve never had a coffee that wasn’t as good as the last one at this place. The vibe is great, the service is great and the music is sensational. Situated at City Works Depot, there’s plenty of parking.

The only FYI I should mention, is that they don’t have high chairs (if you decide to visit baby in tow). They do however have large bench seats which Sterling seems to love anyway.

The house sodas (pictured) are also to die for if you’re there at 4pm, and it’s beyond your coffee curfew.


2. Deco

This Turkish themed cafe in Titirangi Village is amaze-balls. They are super quick, and the coffee is fantastic. There are a number of corners to sit and work in, but there are only two tables next to powerpoints, so make sure you ask for one of those!


3. Catroux

Eight Thirty Coffee. Yum. This place is small, but perfect for a quick couple of hours of admin. There’s also one of the best selection of cabinet food I’ve ever seen, living at this cafe. This is probably the best cafe I’ve listed for kids. They have a cute sandpit and chalkboard out the back, and are really accommodating and friendly with little ones.


4. St Heliers Bay Bistro & Cafe

Beautiful views and the beach on your doorstep, this place is perfect. I could sit at this place for days. You have to time this one well, and visit at off peak hours because it gets super busy. These guys also do great fluffies, for when that becomes a necessity. Treat yourself to the salted caramel ice cream. They even do it as a milkshake if you’d rather bathe in it.


5. Rosie

Opposite the rose gardens in Parnell, this place do the best food for a working lunch. The coffee always comes hot, and the waitstaff are phenomenal. Parking is not the best, so off peak hours can really make a difference to your visit. Firemen go here a lot, and I don’t know why. Make sure you pop next door to Blush, to grab yourself a nice bunch of flowers.


FullSizeRender 4


6. Ravenhill

Ok, so I’m pretty biased with this one as it’s opposite my house, but it really is simply fabulous. The coffee is fantastic and it has an outside area hidden at the back, which is perfect for a low key meeting. The pies are life. This place really is Birkenhead’s best.





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