The Aha Moment

Is something bothering you? There’s an event you’d love to attend. It doesn’t exist. There’s an obvious solution to create convenience, but nowhere sells it. There’s something you need to find, but guess what, you can’t find it.

Incoming… The Aha Moment.

For some people, it’s a white light. For others, it’s a frustration that just needs to be eliminated. Maybe it’s a giant flashing neon sign? Some point at the sky and say ‘Eureka!’ For me it was during a conversation/rant/dramatic monologue, with myself. Hmm.

Caresse Crosby was a pretty cool chick. As a woman with a full bust, she couldn’t fit into a corset.  At 19 years old, she created the bra. It was due to her own inconvenience that Crosby created what SHE needed.

Here’s a list of other awesome Entrepreneurs who took their inconvenience, and turned it into a great business. You may recognise some of the names…


Brian Chesky – Founder of Air BnB

Hired out his blow up mattress for a bit of extra cash.


Jan Koum – Founder of Whatsapp

Couldn’t afford to keep in touch with family overseas, specifically international calling costs.


Sara Blakely – Founder of Spanx

Hated the way pantyhose looked in toeless shoes. Genius.


Nick Woodman – Founder of GoPro

Wanted to film and take pictures of himself surfing. Who wouldn’t?

As Mothers, we crave convenience, so take a look at your day to day life. Is there anything you’d change? Alternatively, if your life is just awesome and convenient through and through, take inspiration from your children, like these mums below!


Maia Haag – Founder of I See Me!

Haag wanted her children to be able to see themselves in stories, in order to relate to them, so her and her husband created story templates which can be personalized for any child.

Susan Petersen – Founder of Freshly Picked

Petersen was frustrated at the fact that she couldn’t find any quality baby shoes that lasted and even made her first pair from a piece of leather she found at a yard sale and tried them on her kids first.


Whatever your idea, be sure to focus on a gap in the market, and get your stalker on for some thorough competitor research. As long as faith and passion are behind it, it’s probably a good’un.


Jen xx